Conditions We Treat

At Osteo & Physio we treat a variety of conditions and complaints. Here are some of the most common:

Sports Injuries

A typical sporting injury usually involves straining the soft tissues of the body – muscles, tendons and ligaments. We have years of experience in designing effective, individual treatment plans that find the cause of the problem and can assist your recovery from the time of the injury through to the point when you are back enjoying your sporting activity pain free again.



Arthritis cannot be cured but the painful symptoms and joint stiffness can be alleviated by physical therapy. We aim to understand your condition and how it is affecting your life. Good communication between the patient and practitioner is key to enable us to make a sound diagnosis and formulate an effective treatment plan to alleviate your discomfort.


Pins and Needles or Numbness in the Hands and Feet

Paraesthesia is the medical term for pins and needles and associated symptoms such as tingling, numbness and burning sensations that are commonly felt in the hands and feet. There are a variety of reasons that can lead to paraesthesia occurring in your hands and feet. Some are serious, most are not. It is vital to have a detailed medical case history and examination to determine the cause of the altered sensations.


Back Pain

Osteopathy and physiotherapy are effective in the treatment of acute (sudden onset) and chronic (long standing) low back pain. Your treatment and the advice and exercises we prescribe at Osteo and Physio will depend upon your history, diagnosis, age, general health and fitness. Depending on the cause of the pain it takes on average between 3 – 6 sessions to reduce the symptoms. Our aim is to eliminate your pain and to return you back to optimal health as quickly as possible giving you the knowledge to know how best to prevent the problem from recurring and the confidence to know that effective treatment is at hand should you need it.


Neck Pain

The osteopaths, physiotherapists and massage therapists that practice at Osteo and Physio have over 30 years combined experience at dealing with neck pain, whether it be local to the neck or travelling to another part of the body and whether it has just occurred or been a nagging discomfort for a long period of time. We will give you a diagnosis of what is causing the problem and a prognosis about how long we think it will take to improve your symptoms.


Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a great example of a joint that fully represents one of our key treatment philosophies here at Osteo and Physio: to treat the person as a whole and not just focus on the symptomatic area. To function optimally the shoulder joint has to work in unison with the other joints, muscles and ligaments around it. Neck or mid-back and shoulder pain are quite often interlinked due to the fact that the shoulder girdle hangs off the spine and the rib cage beneath it. All of these areas have to be balanced and working in harmony for the shoulder to be functioning well.



There is evidence to show that osteopathic techniques are safe and effective in the treatment of “cervicogenic” (those that are caused by neck tension) headaches and migraines. At Osteo and Physio we employ an holistic approach to anyone coming to the practice in pain and our goal is to treat the cause to reduce symptoms as quickly and effectively as possible. We supplement the treatment with functional exercises to stretch and strengthen muscle groups around the spine helping to create better muscular balance that improves posture not just after a treatment but in the long term.


Baby Problems

Osteopathy is increasingly being sought as a treatment for pregnancy related complaints and for babies and children. Osteopaths receive both a theoretical and practical grounding in treating these areas.  Methods of treatment vary, and osteopaths have a wide range of tools that can be effectively adapted for these cases, safely and considerately applied. Because osteopaths understand anatomy and the process of human development, many patients report that pregnancy and birth related complaints have responded well to treatment. It can be particularly useful to go to an osteopath who specialises in treating pregnant women and children.