Most people think of osteopaths as back pain specialists. Treating low back problems can certainly take up a large part of any working day, but osteopathy can help with a far wider range of medical conditions than people first think. Osteopaths are lucky in that they have time to talk to their patients about their problem, with the average initial consultation and treatment taking up to 45 minutes. This enables the osteopath to focus on trying to find the cause of the problem and not just concentrate on where the symptoms are, irrespective of whether there is long standing discomfort or a sudden acute onset of pain.

Osteopaths look at the body holistically and believe that for your body to function well its structure must also work well and be in good balance. Treatment is individually tailored to each patient and involves palpation, physical manipulation, along with massage and stretching techniques to relieve muscular tension, increase joint mobility and enhance the blood and nerve supply to the tissues. The goal is to assist the body’s own innate healing mechanism to help recovery to a normal pain free state. Osteopaths are trained to offer additional lifestyle advice to complement the treatment and prevent symptoms recurring. Advice on posture, diet and appropriate exercises are routinely given. Some of the problems that patients present to osteopaths with include a variety of muscle and joint pain, sporting injuries and postural problems caused by work, driving or changes to the body during pregnancy.

The British Medical Association’s guidance for GP’s states that doctors can safely refer patients to osteopaths and we often correspond with GP’s to inform them of progress or if we feel further investigation of a problem is necessary. There is now a growing body of evidence to support the osteopathic treatment of certain common acute and chronic conditions. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence recommends manipulative therapies such as osteopathy for the treatment of low back pain.

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment that is suitable for the whole family – from children to grandparents, pregnant mums to rugby players, builders to those who spend their working lives at desks and in front of a computer. So, if you have a condition that is seriously affecting your daily lifestyle or only an unexplained background twinge osteopathic treatment may bring you relief. The goal is to optimise the mobility and health of the body as a whole to increase the quality of your life.


Osteopathy is available at all of our clinic locations.

Initial consultation: £46 for 1 hour
Ongoing treatment: £40 for 30 mins (longer sessions available if required)

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