Sports Injuries

If you regularly play sport then it is likely that you will have injured yourself at some point in the past, anything from a mild ache during or immediately after the activity to an acute pain that has left you out of action from days to weeks. Unfortunately, some of these problems can become chronic, repetitive and long lasting if not treated accordingly.  Sporting type injuries do not just occur to elite level sports people though and our patients often remark on the frustration they feel at not being able to partake in a recreational activity they enjoy in their free time, be it walking the dog, going for a cycle ride or not being able to as active with their children or grandchildren as they would like.

A typical sporting injury usually involves straining the soft tissues of the body – muscles, tendons and ligaments. These tissues are more susceptible to strain /sprain when they have not been exposed to exertion for a while and thus we frequently see people in the practice who are wanting to get fit but end up doing “too much too soon” after a period of inactivity or when trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, the connective tissues of the body can take longer than we think to respond and strengthen to the stresses of activity and exercise. Symptoms can be more sudden in onset too – a twisted ankle when out hiking or playing football, a painful shoulder playing squash, back pain from a rugby tackle – these usually tend to be more acutely painful and need treatment as quickly as possible.

The inflammation that is caused by an injury is part of the body’s natural healing mechanism and is vital to allow the tissue repair to start. It is the management of this inflammation that we specialise in at the practice using specific techniques, exercise rehabilitation and advice to facilitate the body’s innate repair process whilst keeping pain to a minimum allowing recovery in the fastest time possible whether it be a new injury or a long standing complaint. We also offer follow up sessions to make sure you stay on the right track and to minimise the likelihood of any recurrence.

Here at Osteo and Physio we have years of experience in designing effective, individual treatment plans that find the cause of the problem and can assist your recovery from the time of the injury through to the point when you are back enjoying your sporting activity pain free again. We take time to understand both the patient and the cause of the problem (not just treating the symptoms) incorporating every aspect of your health into our decision making. Lifestyle factors such as your general health, diet, hydration, quantity and quality of sleep and other potential “stressors” may be adversely effecting your recovery (sometimes these are a contributory factor to the cause of the injury in the first place).

So whether you’re on the fast track to being the next Mo Farah or just want to be pain free on your next jog around the block, whether you’re the next budding Andy Murray or just want to hit a few balls with a friend every now and again rest assured that we have the skills to complement your levels of activity and help you recover from any discomfort you may be in.

– Ben Verling