Back Pain Relief

It is highly likely that you will have either suffered from an episode of back pain or know someone that has, it is estimated that 80% of adults will experience back pain at some point in their life. Low back pain is certainly the most common symptom that we treat in the practice.

The spinal column is a marvel of evolution, 24 movable bones, 50 facet joints, 23 intervertebral discs and nerves that run to and from it that supply the rest of the body. It provides protection to a part of our central nervous system, the spinal cord, yet allows movement to occur enabling us to walk, run, jump and climb. The spine has evolved to move.  It is when we do not move enough or we move in an incorrect or repetitive way that problems can arise.

The relatively sedentary nature of our lives these days can therefore predispose our spines to injury. Prolonged sitting stretches ligaments and weakens muscles meaning that discs become compressed resulting in increased loading on the facet joints. Conversely, repetitive bending (flexion) movements can also overload the discs generating pain. Due to the neurological supply from the low back to the legs, injuries here can also cause pain and pins and needles to travel to your hips, legs and feet. The good news is our spines are mostly very robust and adaptable to the stresses that we place upon them during day to day life. It is when that ability to adapt fails that we feel pain.

“I don’t know what I’ve done but….” This is a phrase we hear a lot from our patients. The causes of back pain can be very insidious in nature. The gradual accumulation of tension over days, weeks, months and even years predispose the tissues to injury usually resulting in a seemingly innocuous event ultimately causing pain. Long standing aches and stiffness changing position are often signs that all is not right. Vacuuming, washing up and getting out of bed are all activities that we take for granted but can be the final straw in the onset of discomfort. The key message is that back pain never occurs for no reason, even if it seems to come out of the blue. Providing serious trauma is not involved in the onset, there is normally always a weakness that has developed over time.

Fortunately, there is evidence to support the effectiveness of osteopathy and physiotherapy in the treatment of acute (sudden onset) and chronic (long standing) low back pain. Your treatment and the advice and exercises we prescribe at Osteo and Physio in Tiverton and Cullompton will depend upon your history, diagnosis, age, general health and fitness. Depending on the cause of the pain it takes on average between 3 – 6 sessions to reduce the symptoms. Our aim is to eliminate your pain and to return you back to optimal health as quickly as possible giving you the knowledge to know how best to prevent the problem from recurring and the confidence to know that effective treatment is at hand should you need it. Please call the practice if you have any questions regarding your back pain.  We are here to help.

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