About Our Consultations

7 things you will get from an Osteopathy consultation at Osteo & Physio

Your first consultation can take up to an hour and serves an important purpose. At your initial Osteopathy consultation in Tiverton or Cullompton you will get:

  • Reassurance about the nature of your condition
  • Knowledge of what is going on
  • A plan for recovery
  • Confidence in your practitioner
  • Confidence in the future, knowing how much things can improve
  • Hands on treatment at a deeper level of effectiveness than you may be used to
  • Certainty that things are changing for the better

Your first Osteopathy or Physiotherapy consultation

The purpose of the first consultation is to:

  • Find out what your problem is
  • Establish whether Osteopathy or Physiotherapy can help
  • Identify how much you can improve, how that can be achieved and how long it will take
  • Provide you with a sympathetic, dignified and thorough osteopathic or physiotherapy examination which will often include orthopaedic and neurological testing
  • Give you a first treatment to get you on the route to recovery – often all you will need to get out of pain
  • Exercise prescription as appropriate

Ongoing visits (if required)

Often you will need more than one treatment to resolve the problem. Most issues only take 3 to 5 treatments to satisfactorily recover.

Ongoing visits involve:

  • Assessment of your progress
  • Gentle and effective ongoing treatment, tailored to your stage of recovery
  • Exercise monitoring, help and advice

What happens during my first visit?

Upon arriving at the practice, please follow the signs to the reception waiting room. From here the practitioner that you are booked in to see will greet you and bring you to one of the treatment rooms for your consultation.

The consultation is a chance for us to start to get to know you. Most importantly it is where we try to understand what has made you make an appointment for treatment at Osteo and Physio.

You will be given time to explain what your symptoms are and what it is you want to gain from treatment in the practice. Please feel free to mention anything current or in your history that you feel may be relevant to us. We will ask questions about your complaint, your medical history, general health and lifestyle so that we can gain greater understanding of what has caused your problem and what we may be able to do to help. Please bring along any medical imaging such as X-rays or scans you have, along with a list of any current medication you may be on.

Once the case history is complete we will need to perform an examination. This will generally involve you being asked to remove an item of over clothing. We can provide a gown for you to wear if you would like. Undressing to your underwear is not essential, you can remain fully clothed, it just helps us to be able to examine you by being able to see the painful area and the surrounding tissues and also to get an overall impression of your posture. With your permission we normally need to palpate (examine by touch) some of the muscles and joints that we feel are involved in causing the problem and we may ask you to perform some simple movements, always within your pain free range. We may also perform some orthopaedic or neurological tests to help us make an accurate diagnosis.

When we have finished the examination we will explain to you what we think the problem is and give you our diagnosis. We will make it clear if we feel we can help or whether we feel it necessary to refer you for further investigation. If we feel treatment will help, we will explain what we intend to do and how that will be beneficial to you. You will have plenty of time to ask questions with regards to the treatment plan.

Treatment usually involves you sitting or lying down on a plinth. Depending on the nature of the problem we will use a variety of manual techniques to help resolve the problem usually including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, specialised stretching and manipulation. We will always try to explain what the purpose of the technique is and how it will benefit you. We will complement the treatment with advice on what you can do between treatments to facilitate your recovery and avoid further exacerbation of your symptoms usually providing an exercise plan for the coming weeks.

We would like to emphasize that throughout the consultation and treatments we will respect your sensitivities and modesty. We believe that good communication is key so that you can understand exactly what is causing your problem and how we intend to help.

We look forward to welcoming you on your first visit to the practice.